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August 17, 2008

Blogging 101 – Exchanging Links

My friend Al is a new blogger. He's received his first requests for link exchanges and would like to know what I think of this practice. For non-bloggers: a link exchange is an agreement that says I'll put a link to your blog on my blog if y More...

August 12, 2008

Should Your New Web Business be Ad-Supported?

Contrary to popular belief, the ad-supported model for a web business is very, very hard to succeed at. I've underestimated the difficulty of living on ads a couple of times in the my investment career. Wouldn't want you to do the same either as an investor or an entrepreneur.

Google, of More...

August 10, 2008

Too Much Revenue, Not Enough Growth

Jeff Jarvis posted a comment on my post In Praise of Revenue:

"I'd also like to see you repri More...

July 24, 2008

Blogging 101 – The Importance of Links

An old friend recently started blogging and was kind enough to ask my advice.

Bonus hint #1: whenever you are about to write something that isn't a secret and isn't boring, turn it into a post on your blog. I'm taking my own advice.

The world wide web is all about l More...

April 27, 2008

Testing Office 2007

Meant to start this series on moving to a new computer (gulp) and upgrading to Office 2007 (gulp, gulp) and Vista Pro (GULP!) in an orderly way with a post on how computers get old and slow. But when I told the new Microsoft Word that comes with Office 2007 that I wanted to create a new document, More...

April 18, 2008

FeedBlitz, Gawker Media, and Amazon S3

FeedBlitz (in which I’m an investor and board member)More...

April 16, 2008

Third Life: Social Networking Breakfast with Jeff Pulver

“It’s like Facebook only it’s not online,” someone at Jeff Pulver’s social networking breakfast in Tel Aviv More...

January 31, 2008

Smart Reader Solves Mystery

Smart reader Chris quickly solved the More...

January 30, 2008

Mystery of the Cloned Blog

Clearly a bot did it. But whose bot? Who is hosting this mysterious (and unauthorized) Japanese clone of Fractals of Change? Why? You can help solve this mystery.


January 09, 2008

Post2tweet – Convergence is Happening

Now I can tell you what I was testing yesterday.More...

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