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September 18, 2005

Ghost of the Old hackoff.com

If you Google "hackoff.com" right this minute, its past life as a porn site is apparent:

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I don't even know what tgp is. I guess I could Google it and find out but not sure I want to know.

The new Google blogfinder has discovered the site's new content:

"Learn to handle rejection. It's easy to handle su...

1 hour ago by Dave 
The story begins as hackoff.com CEO Larry Lazard is found dead of a gunshot wound.
Tom has also created a faux corporate website related to his dot com story and
is encouraging participation via a dedicated wiki. Very cool. Bravo Tom! ...

N=1 - http://davemartin.blogspot.com

Hackoff.com, a Blook, Complete With Blog, Wiki and RSS Feed

2 hours ago by BL Ochman 
Hackoff.com: An Historic Murder Mystery Set in the Internet Bubble and Rubble is
a "blook" by Tom Evslin, who's making a blog, a wiki, discussion forums and an
RSS feed an essential part of his new murder mystery. ...

B.L. Ochman's weblog - Internet strategy,... - http://www.whatsnextblog.com/

Arriva il blook: hackoff.com

6 hours ago by Marco Montemagno 
... online diviso a capitoli e per ogni capitolo prevedo commenti e vari tools (tipo
wiki). In aggiunta arrichisco il tutto con Ajax e altri plugin. Mi sembra molto
innovativo e originale. Mi fate sapere che ne pensate? Link: hackoff.com.

SKY TG24 Pianeta Internet - http://skytg24.blogs.com/sky_tg24_pianeta_internet/

Blooks, Lulu & the Publishing Industry

7 hours ago by Eric 
Today I read the first chapter of Hackoff.com and enjoyed the experience.
Hackoff.com is a blook, or book published via the blog paradigm. This particular
blook is being written by Tom Evslin. For those of you who are not aware of Tom ...

The Wannabe Venture Capitalist - http://thewannabevc.blogspot.com


7 hours ago by Matt 
One of the sites hackoff.com discussed the implications of blooks and brought up
an interesting thing about blogs:. “Second, readers find blogs without the help
of traditional gatekeepers; blogs are “discovered” and become successful ...

Matt's Musings - http://mridge.high-octane-blogging.org

Random & Interesting blog items...

10 hours ago
Tom Evslin has launched his newest project - hackoff.com. It's a blook (an online
book distributed as a blog). I've been watching this evolve and occassionally
helping with some of the tech ideas from the sidelines. ...

SQL Full Text Search - http://spaces.msn.com/members/jtkane/


10 hours ago by Michael 
It's called Hackoff.com, and it's out, at least on the web, as of today. I've
been a long-time fan of ... I'm looking forward to adding Hackoff.com to my summer
reading list, and recommend you check it out as well. Like VC Brad Feld, ...

*michael parekh on IT* - http://mp.blogs.com/mp/


11 hours ago by noemail@noemail.org (Tom Evslin) 
The online serialization of my novel hackoff.com: an historic murder mystery
set in the Internet Bubble and rubble has begun at, of course, hackoff.com. ...
CEO Larry Lazard is found dead in the offices of hackoff.com, a company which ...

Fractals of Change - http://blog.tomevslin.com/

Hackoff.com - A Must Read

11 hours ago by Fred 
Well its out and its called Hackoff.com and I'd encourage everyone to go take
a look and read the first chapter which is up. Tom calls it a blook, a book
published via the blog paradigm. I've seen something like this before. ...

A VC - http://avc.blogs.com/a_vc/

Hackoff: A new approach to publishing

12 hours ago by Allan Engelhardt 
0. Hackoff looks interesting. It is a whodunit set in the internet bubble that is
published as a blook: a book in blog format, complete with comments, trackbacks,
and a reader's forum. There is even a wiki version of the text. ...

CYBAEA.NET - The business impact of disruptive... - http://www.cybaea.net/Journal/

hackoff.com - The Blook - Has Arrived

12 hours ago
Tom Evslin has launched his newest project – hackoff.com. It’sa blook (an online
book distributed as a blog). I’ve been watching this evolve and occassionally
helping with some of the tech ideas from the sidelines. ...

Feld Thoughts - http://www.feld.com/blog/

Read the blook

23 hours ago by Steve Garfield 
"New York, NY -- April 1, 2003 – (BUSINESS WIRE) hackoff.com (NASDAQ:HOFC) announced
today that the company’s Chairman and CEO, Larry Lazard, was found dead in his
corporate office of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. ...

Off On A Tangent - http://offonatangent.blogspot.com

Click to kill: A blook

17 Sep 2005 by Jeff Jarvis 
... art: He not only has chapters in HTML but RSS updates and a wiki where people
can rewrite him and a forum where they can discuss and a fake website for the
company at the heart off the tale, Hackoff.com, plus distributed reviews. ...

Davenetics: Newsmonger - http://davenetics.com/newsmonger

The First Mystery of Fall 2005 VON: hackoff.com

17 Sep 2005
I just arrived in Boston for Fall 2005 VON and on my room key is a promotion for
hackoff.com - "VoIP has a Clue." I'm running out to dinner but when I get back
I will be trying to solve this mystery. :)

The Jeff Pulver Blog - http://pulverblog.pulver.com/

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