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March 13, 2007

E-State Speech at F2C, YouTube

These are video clips from Vermont Governor Jim Douglas's talk at David Isenberg's F2C conference last week.  More clips from other speakers are available.

For those of you not familiar with YouTube, just click on the arrow to play - it's safe.  If you receive Fractals of Change by FeedBlitz email, you may not see the video preview in the post since many email packages block the technique YouTube uses to show a preview.  Just click the title bar in the email to get to the blog itself and then you'll be able to watch the video.

Appropriate, obviously, that this speech should be on YouTube.  And, although this issue is not a partisan one in Vermont, it looks like much partisan politics will be played out on YouTube from now until some even more popular video site comes along.  The hoary tradition of saying one thing in Iowa and another in New Hampshire may be kaput.

Politicians and voters alike will have to get used to the fact that even honest people change their positions over time.  It would be a very bad idea if no one was very allowed to change her or his mind on anything because there is a video on YouTube somewhere of her or him with an earlier position.  We'll have to judge somehow whether flipflops are poll or thought driven - and whether politicians should change their minds on a particular because the voters they represent have changed theirs.

BTW, it's dead simple to put an existing YouTube video on your site. You just copy and paste a snippet of HTML into the web page (all you nerd readers know this already).  Note that, other than the YouTube brand, no advertising appears unless there is some embedded in the video by the creator.  If this isn't something that your existing web site design lets you do without paying an expert, time to think about the design. 

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