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May 22, 2007

Congratulations FeedBlitz!

FeedBlitz, which I’ve invested in and on whose board I sit, just passed the 2 million subscription milestone.  That’s a lot!

What FeedBlitz does is make it not only possible but also simple for bloggers and publishers to offer email subscriptions to readers of blogs, newsletters, and other types of web content.  A “subscription” is one user subscribing to one blog .  If you subscribe to Fractals of Change by email, you count as one subscription.  If you also subscribe to Fred Wilson’s A VC, you count as two subscriptions.

FeedBlitz manages the subscription process to guard against spam; helps shepherd these requested updates through spam filters; manages the subscription list including allowing users to change their email addresses, cancel subscriptions, or even filter by tag; and provides publishers with lots of good statistics on what’s happening with their emails.  Publishers are the only ones who have access to their subscription lists, of course, and subscribers can elect to remain anonymous even to their publishers.

Now FeedBlitz even supports Twitter updates for those who want them.

Shameless plug: if you publish web content or e-newsletters and don’t do it already, you may want to offer FeedBlitz updates to your readers.  The base service is free but there are bells and whistles you may want to pay a small fee for.

Founder and CEO Phil Hollows has more stats on FeedBlitz in his post on the milestone.

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