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January 09, 2008

Post2tweet – Convergence is Happening

Now I can tell you what I was testing yesterday.

From now on, whenever I post a new article to Fractals of Change, a tweet with the title, the first little bit of text, and the URL of the post will be visible to anyone who is following me on twitter. Moreover, the tweet becomes a status message which my Facebook friends can see. Stuff is actually beginning to come together.

twitter is meant to answer the question “what are you doing right now” assuming there is someone who really cares about the answer. Being that I’m a rather private person, the answer often might be “none of your business”; of course I don’t twitter that but silence means almost the same thing. However, when I write something and post it to my blog, I do want those who care about what I’m doing to know about that. So automatically having it turned into a tweet and Facebook status is a good thing.

FeedBlitz (in which I’m an investor) is the app used to make sure your blog posts turn into tweets (I’m an indirect investor in twitter as well). Use of both FeedBlitz and twitter is free for this purpose. Of course you have to have a blog with some sort of RSS feed as well. Assuming you have a Twitter account, here’s what you do:

  1. Go to www.feedblitz.com/.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page (you are acting as a subscriber here, not a publisher).
  3. Enter the URL of your blog.
  4. Click Subscribe.
  5. Select Twitter (public, for your followers)
  6. Enter your Twitter name and password.
  7. Copy the captcha to prove you’re not a bot.
  8. Click Subscribe.

That’s it. A few minutes after you post, a tweet will appear.

In order to get your tweets (any tweet, not just these) to become your Facebook status, you need to install the twitter app on Facebook (I am NOT an investor in Facebook).

BTW, you can also use the FeedBlitz to twitter interface to get notified via twitter of new posts to almost any blog (any blog with an open feed which is almost all blogs) whether or not the blogger is using twitter or FeedBlitz. Maybe you want to know when I post but have no interest in my other twitter updates. Maybe you want to know whenever your competitor posts – or your significant other. Remember, you can even get your tweets by cellphone so you’ll be right up to the minute.

If you want notifications about new posts to a blog, follow the same steps as above but in step 5 Select Twitter (private, direct to you only) and supply your twitter direct ID in step 6.

What this is about is reader choice which all authors are wise to encourage. Some people want to go directly to your blog site; others use feed readers or subscribe by email; some live for tweets; some want to be notified through AOL or Skype instant messenger services. These happen to be the options which FeedBlitz supports directly today; there’ll be more, not less, tomorrow is my guess.

What’s twitter? is a primer on that service.

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